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Digital ad campaigns can raise brand awareness by up to 80% and this is true for all kinds of organizations. Yet, many professionals, such as those in law, health care, and finance, are still unaware of the importance of an online presence.

Let’s discuss the case of legal services or law firm industry here. Do you know, most law firms don’t have the proper knowledge? Some of them have not recognized the importance of digital presence at all yet.

Do you want to get more phone calls from clients asking for legal help? Then consider law firm digital marketing solutions. Why? Keep with us throughout the discussion!

Can a Lawyer Do Digital Marketing?

Yes, if you want to grow your law firm faster than your competitors, you should do digital marketing for your law firms. Digital marketing makes your law firm visible, findable, and easily reachable to your target mass.

law firm digital marketing solutions

What is Marketing For Lawyers?

Marketing for Lawyers refers to promoting legal services using appropriate marketing channels to reach potential clients. Marketing tactics can be online and offline, both.

How To Do Digital Marketing For a Law Firm?

Here is a complete guideline for law firm digital marketing. Check all the thorough details without skipping any part for better understanding. So let’s begin then!

Do an Online Branding

Start with the website branding so that people can get relevant solutions on the bio page. People in legal help find out quality services from the best lawyers who can save them from legal troubles. Here the bio and website play a greater role to build brand awareness.

  • Build a Professional Website 

In the digital space having a website is a must to boost credibility and earn social proof. However having a website is not enough; you need a website for law firm that looks professional, branded, and possible solution provider for legal clients.

  • Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is an amazing platform for professionals. Here you can showcase your expertise, years of experience and earn referrals for your legal services. Build a strong portfolio on LinkedIn to earn trust from inbound leads seeking legal solutions.

  • Build an impressive bio page

Bio pages are important to convert legal firm web traffic into conversions as clients land directly on this page after clicking your website link from different sources. Design it with a high degree of professional features and relevant information that make people convinced enough.

Build a Strong Plan for Law firm SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

90 % of marketers say inbound leads are one of the best sources of quality leads and SEO is the main driver for inbound leads. Be it on website technicalities, content, social media optimization, or on local lead management, law firm SEO has omnipresence on all.

law firm seo strategy

  • Keyword research and implementation

Research and get the most qualified law firm keywords for a successful on-page SEO campaign.

  • High-quality content creation

Create engaging and informative content that addresses the pain points of law firm clients.

  • Meta tag optimization

Optimize the title tag, Meta description, and heading tag with the right keywords and approved formats.

  • Building high-quality backlinks

 Earn backlinks from sites that have a higher rank in any other domains.

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  • Use Advanced UX

Improve the UX of your website design like responsiveness, navigation, loading, and aesthetics to push the SEO rank higher.

Impress Your Audience With Content Marketing

User-generated content can mold the buying decision of 80% of customers. That is why, as law firm digital marketing solutions providers, we give stress to online content marketing. Your law firm will receive quality inbound leads if you promote the right content on appropriate channels such as legal websites, social media platforms, and guest posting sites.  

  • Website content

Share engaging and insightful blogs, articles, and downloadable e-books on your website. 

  • Content for external sites

Publish Press releases (PR) and blogs on guest posting sites to earn backlinks.

  • Graphical content

Post visual content based on graphics such as infographics, side decks, charts, and screen shorts on your websites and other relevant sites.

  • Audio content

Podcasts have become very popular nowadays, try out podcasts to connect faster with potential audiences.

Try Video Marketing

Short videos, reels, or any online video content is a new trend in digital marketing trend 2023. As 91 % of customers enjoy watching online videos from various brands as they can relate to these videos faster than any other content. That is why, we can say that Investing in online video marketing is ideal to promote law firms online.

Pro Tips on Video Marketing

  • Shoot online videos that convey legal concepts in a crisp outline.
  • Share the video on platforms like Vimeo, YouTube.
  • Use video marketing tools like Filmora, Powtoon, Wevideo, Wipster etc.
  • Share short videos on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Promote issues through tiny films.

Standout at Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a modern and effective way of marketing for law firm. Do you know 4.89 billion people globally are using social media platforms? This is not just a number; it is an opportunity for professionals to attain growth. The same applies to law firms when building PR to develop business.

  • LinkedIn

Open profile on LinkedIn to boost B2B and B2C client base. Enrich your presence by sharing resources, professional advice, and engaging posts on LinkedIn

  • Twitter

Use your Twitter handle to make your branded opinion on legal matters to get attention.

  • Instagram

Catch up with young audiences on Instagram as a legal guild. Conduct live chat sessions, e-seminars, and humorous posts to boost followers and reach different groups.

  • Spotify

We have mentioned already Podcasts as the best form of audio content marketing. Now, we are sharing the name ‘Spotify’ as one of the best platforms to post podcasts on various content.

law firm reputation management

Online Reputation Management

Online reviews from previous clients and stakeholders build your law firm’s online reputation. Why should you care about your online reputation? As nowadays 93 % of users choose a brand based on online reviews.

Quick Pro Tips for Online reputation management

  • Encourage clients to leave positive online reviews.
  • Take care of the negative reviews.
  • Give a timely reply to each query received online from prospects.

Build Business Profiles On Local Directories

Set up profiles on law firm directories like Google Business Profile, The Lawyers Global, Yahoo Directories, Law info, etc. As 80 % of your local prospect clients connect your services after getting referrals on online business listings. It has become a trend among customers to check online directories and attached reviews before visiting local services for urgent needs.

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising for law firms is the best way to get reach in the digital ad space using paid ads campaigns. Paid ads (PPC) can be of various types, such as paid search marketing, display ads, and retargeting ads with PPC. Build a strong plan on SEO + PPC model.

  • Google AdWords

Create convincing ad copies containing keywords and promote paid ads with the Google AdWords platform.

  • Social media promotional ads

Promote your legal brand on different social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram through sponsored ads.

Things Not to Forget

  • Measure the metrics of your digital campaign as online marketing’s success is measurable.
  • Use project management tools to keep control of all the processes in your grip.
  • Plan all activities before execution as there is no place for guessing
  • Talk to a law firm digital marketing solutions provider whenever needs advice or guidance.

How Do Backlinks and Search Traffic Related?

A study published on Backlinko found that the number of domains linking to a page was the factor that had the highest correlation to rankings in Google” [Backlinko]

Backlink indicates the reliable source of certain information. So, it’s a matter of building credibility. Therefore, getting quality backlinks shows that a website is credible and that users can depend on the site for reliable information.

When a law firm website gets a quality backlink from a highly ranked website, it gets clicks from users across the internet. It will boost web traffic and drive more leads.

When an attorney’s website gets more traffic, the chances of conversions increase. As more the conversion rates, the more the revenue.

Should You Focus on Law firm’s Branding?

Yes, if you want to build a credible online reputation for your law firm then you must invest in law firm branding. It will indicate your legal firm’s promise to deliver quality and transparency. Modern branding makes the whole thing humanized and takes brands closer to human pain.


Law firm online marketing is an ongoing of planning execution and performance tracking. If you have no time to devote to marketing law firms, make sure to reach out to the experts on time before it gets too late, To know more book a free consultation on legal firm marketing now!