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You don't need to look any further if you're looking to create powerful lead magnets that will stop people scrolling and get them to sign up for your exclusive content!

Since we are the most prominent lead magnet service provider, we've helped hundreds of clients create valuable lead magnets that have led to excellent results in lead generation. 

TTC creates amazing lead magnets for every phase of a customer's journey. Lead magnet content can increase interest in your brand and nurture leads closer to a final sale.

Lead Magnet Services

Our services

Social media
Social media post

Your audience follows your brand on social media because they are interested in your news and updates. We develop, deploy, and evaluate a solid social media strategy.

Email marketing services

Maintaining contact with your audience through email is incredibly effective. Inform your email newsletter subscribers and other contact lists about your latest high-quality content.

Paid Ads
Paid Ads services

With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can put your message in front of your target audience or a lookalike audience. We help you drive traffic to your magnet and increase visibility.

SEO services

Get in front of your target audience where they'll inevitably go: Organic search. You can search optimize your lead magnet landing page to help drive organic traffic to your website.

How We Work

To identify exactly who we're targeting, we use our Customer Personas. To develop something truly irresistible for our prospects (and them only), we need to get inside their minds. We also need to decide what the goal of the Lead Magnet should be.

We assign a team of direct response copywriters to work on your Lead secret. Using psychologically proven copy, we connect with prospects, build trust, and move them further down your sales funnel.

Now that the Lead Magnet has been created, it needs to be placed on a Landing Page to collect user information. In most cases, we create a high-converting Lead Magnet Landing Page with forms that capture user details and integrate new leads into your CRM or marketing automation platform.

To ensure that you have a single source of truth for your conversion data, you must track Lead Magnet download conversions in Google Analytics. As a result, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of any promotional campaigns that you set up to leverage the Lead Magnet.

In order for your Lead Magnet to be as effective as possible, we develop your marketing strategy. Incorporate it into your website, your marketing campaigns, and your lead nurturing follow up sequences.

Why Choose TTC For Lead Magnet Services?

In any lead generation service, lead magnets play a pivotal role, especially in our revolutionary approach. To offer a truly unique lead generation service, we combine our expertise with automated marketing techniques and creative content production. Our marketing services have helped hundreds of clients generate unlimited leads, achieve outstanding ROI, and cut their marketing costs significantly.

You'll have an expert team of lead generation specialists at your side to ensure that your lead magnets convert prospective customers into good quality leads when you hire a full-service TTC. In our experience, lead magnets require extensive research to find and convert the right target audience, and a well-crafted campaign isn't all about quantity; it's about acquiring high-quality leads who will purchase from you for years to come.

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