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Schema markup is an SEO technique to boost a website’s visibility on search engine result pages. It makes bots understand the structure data quickly and appear website content on the rich snippets in search results. As a result, your website will receive higher click-through rates (CTR).

This article will share valuable insights for leveraging schema marks to enhance your cleaning company’s SEO rank in Google’s SERP.


Schema MarkUp For Cleaning Websites


What is Schema Markup?

Schema MarkUp refers to codes that contain specific instructions for creating structured data on a web page. These codes communicate with search engine bots to better understand the context of the content.




Why is Schema Markup important in SEO?

Google uses structured data on rich snippets where users get direct answers to various queries. With the help of schema markup, you can showcase the website content that appears in relevant search results. It will boost your website’s online visibility and drive more organic traffic.

Which is The Best Type Of Schema Markup For Your Cleaning Website?

Google supports several types of schema markups to make high-quality content appear on the rich results.  Among the handful of options, your cleaning business can take benefit of a couple of options such as:

-News, article


-Bread crumb

-Local Business, review and Q&A

-Fact check

-Practice problem

-Data set

-Learning video

All of the above types of schema markup will optimize your cleaning website for local search results. It goes without saying that local SEO rank is crucial for a cleaning website.



How does Schema MarkUp Help In SEO?


Let’s get some facts to understand how Schema markup helps in SEO:

An analytical report from Backlinko has claimed that 72.6% of top-ranked pages on Google use schema markup.

A study report by search engine Journal revealed that pages that appeared on FAQ-rich results have higher average Click-through Rates (CTR).

Another study report by a search engine journal revealed that rich results receive 58 % higher clicks than non-rich results.

If we sum up the facts, it will become clear that Schema mark-up helps:

-To drive more clicks

-To capture qualified leads

-To increase search appearance

-To increase brand awareness and credibility




Is Schema Markup a Ranking Factor For Google?

No, Schema codes are not a ranking factor for Google. These codes communicate with the bots and thus assist search engines in understanding the relevance of your content better. Thus, Google indexes your web pages faster. These pages are more likely to get good ranks faster on relevant search results.

Best Practices Of Schema Markup To Improve Your Cleaning Site’s SEO

Here is a comprehensive guide to schema markup practices for cleaning website owners:

Choose The Types Of  Schema MarkUp

Select the schema markup with your cleaning website content type: local Schema, Organizational Schema, FAQ, review snippet, and QA pages.

Use Structure Data In Supported Format

Google recommends JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa as three structured data formats. While you can use any format to create structured data on your website, JSON-LD is preferable.

Offer In-Depth Information

Fill out all relevant properties, from reviews, business hours, and service information to directions and ratings. Google will understand and showcase relevant information to users.

Stay Informed With The Latest Guidelines

Stay informed of Google’s About Google’s latest schema markup guidelines. By paying attention to changes and complying with the latest rules and policies, you can stay ahead and control your website’s performance.

Don’t Don’t Try To Mislead Google

It’s crucial to avoid spammy techniques, such as implementing markups for irrelevant content. This can mislead users and harm your website’s SEO rank and trust.



Conduct a Test on Google’s Rich Results Page

Use Google’s rich result test to check the performance of your website on schema markup. Ensure the schema mark is rightly implemented on each web page and that no error is present.

Implement Schema Markup With Google’s Structured Data MarkUp Helper

Open Google’s structure data markup helper > Paste the URL of the web page > Start tagging > Mark up the page content with appropriate tags > Click on ‘Create HTML’ > Download the code in your preferred format > Add the code in the Head section of HTML > Test the schema mark up on the rich result tool.


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Schema marks highlight vital information about your business and drive more attention from potential customers.

Rich Snippets enhance search results by offering additional and exact information to users on search engine results pages, making your business stand out.