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While the basics of SEO might seem to be simple, it is much more complicated. You need to find out whether your website is ranking correctly or not. If not, then what are the reasons behind it?

The value of website ranking is undeniable to an SEO professional. There are factors like competition, Google algorithm that determine the ranking of a website. When you have just launched your website, you are prone to miss any of them and get disappointed seeing the ranking of your website. You need not worry because here, we provide you with the best SEO solutions that can shape and modify your website trying to find out the reasons for lagging of your website.

Why organic search rankings are important?

Organic search helps you to grab new eyes to your website. It allows the content and business to get noticed by the potential users. These users might turn into prospective buyers in the future. It makes you feature the description of your products or services in front of people.


PAID ADS vs organic search results

Why your website is not ranking good in the search engine?

Site speed- How long should a user stick around one web page? Probably 3-4seconds. A web page takes 5-6 seconds to load on mobile. This discrepancy means that people are not getting their requirements. Google takes notice of your engagement metrics that is the time people stick and bounce from your website that decides whether you will get a good or poor ranking in Google’s search results. The site speed can be increased by reducing the file size, minimizing the number of videos on a single page or reducing the number of HTTP requests.

Unsteady content- Content is the driving force behind a website. All businesses will be successful if people trust them in the products or services they are offering. To build trusted content, know what your customers actually want. Make sure that your users feel as if they were just looking for it. It is more about building a trustworthy base for your users through informative and engaging content.

Lack of keywords– Your content should be specifying the right keywords to focus on the understanding of the people from it. How can this be done? Proper keyword research will ensure to apply this strategy. Our online marketing company will guide you in choosing the right keyword and doing thorough research before writing content. It shows why it is important to choose the right keywords before targeting the audience.

Poor on-page optimization- Is your website not optimized for organic search? Factors like keyword titles, keyword density play an important role in building the right ranking of your website. If your website has proper content with relevant keywords, yet ranks low in Google, it is because of poor on-page optimization. Some of the best SEO solutions to improve your on-page optimization are- meta description should be unique, title tags should be enriching, URLs should be 50-100 characters long.

Tough competition- The tougher the competition, the more time it will take to reach the top of the ranking. Before launching your website, you need to be well aware of the competition. You are competing against other websites for the same target keyword and hence this is one of the primary reasons for the failure of the rank building.


Are you looking for SEO solutions that rightly work? Now, we shall discuss the remedies for poor website ranking-


Optimization- This is the foremost solution for a good website ranking. You need to maximise and optimize your website to get the best SEO result. Your website should be easily navigable for the users and easy to access from mobile as well. The tabs on the menu bar should be clear and distinct. This is one of the most vital tasks of a digital marketing professional to ensure that your website content is free from grammatical errors.

Increase loading speed- If a visitor has to wait for more than 5seconds, he may leave your webpage without even viewing your content. Do you think it will generate a good ranking? No. The page loading speed can impact your website ranking. This is one of the most effective SEO solutions that can be ensured by loading the page on different browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Write a blog- Helping you incorporating the best SEO solutions is our motto. A blog is a gateway to reach out to your audience. It gives you a platform for interacting and building a relationship with your customers, thereby knowing their needs. It also provides you with fresh content that is suitable for small businesses.

Bring in social media- Social media marketing is one of the primary SEO services of an agency. Incorporate social media into your business to leverage profit. Your business profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter will establish your business and help you to engage with customers. It will also create a digital authority that will be fruitful in enhancing website ranking.

These works cannot be performed by an individual. This is where the need for an SEO agency comes in.


Reasons for hiring an SEO agency-

Boosts credibility- A website that ranks high on the search engine will attract quality traffic. Thus, it will make the website of high-quality and trustworthy on the search engine. This in, turn, will increase the credibility and the brand value of your website.

Content marketing- Creating useful and relevant content for your business is one of the most important functions of SEO. Our SEO company optimizes your website through engaging content.

Target people- SEO strategy helps to reach out to people on the social media platform through the use of appropriate keywords and PPC campaigns.

Improves usability- SEO enhances your website usability by making the pages more responsive, enhancing page speed, adding back links, etc. This allows easy navigation of your website by the users.

Track results- With SEO, you can track the rankings, conversions and the number of quality traffic on your website. This will enable you to understand and improve your website.


You can help in soaring your SEO ranking with these SEO solutions. Spend time optimizing your website with relevant keywords, content, data analytics and social media. Our TTC Digital Marketing company offers you the best experience in SEO services for our clients.