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Have you got negative reviews for your cleaning services? Now the question is what you should do now. How should you handle negative reviews? First, make yourself calm and relax. It can happen to anyone, so it’s not a big deal.

Once you accept the feedback, the ball is in your court. From this stage, you can turn this negative into a positive with strategic reputation management. This will allow you to handle negative reviews effectively, improve customer retention rate, and turn negative experiences into positive ones.

In this article, we will provide a reputation management strategy for cleaning businesses.  Let’s start then!

Reputation Management Strategy for Cleaning business: All You Want To Know

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management refers to managing, responding, and monitoring the image of brands or companies. This strategic technique is very crucial in the business landscape to leverage the reach of public relations and marketing tactics.

This effort includes various approaches including online review management, grievance handling, customer relationship management, etc.

With a strong reputation management strategy for cleaning businesses, you can generate more local leads. You can also achieve a competitive position in your target market.


How Important is Dealing with Negative Reviews From Customers?

Reputation management has a significant implication in this dynamic realm of business because

Reputation Management

Managing and responding to negative online reviews of your cleaning services is crucial. It will project your commitment to customers and boost the overall reputation of your cleaning company.

Enhance Customer Trust and Confidence

Nowadays, people choose brands by heavily relying on online reviews. That is why, addressing the issues in feedback will showcase brand transparency to your potential customers. It will give them confidence to choose your services.

Improve Customer Retention Rate

Responding to or tracking negative reviews will help you to resolve the issues promptly. It will create a positive experience for your dissatisfied customers and protect your business value.

You must know here that customers will remain loyal to dedicated brands only.

Create Brand Authenticity

Constructive and genuine responses to reviews from customers, who are unhappy with cleaning services, will showcase brand authenticity. It will help you to offer the best value to customers, and boost brand credibility and advocacy in the local market.

Develop an actionable plan for negative reviews & fake reviews

How to Deal with Negative Reviews Online?

Here are some pro hacks that you can consider to plan your reputation management strategy for your cleaning business..

Respond Promptly and Professionally

Customers, who are unhappy with your cleaning services, leave negative reviews promptly. In return, they expect prompt reply also. If you don’t respond promptly, the negative perceptions about your services will permanently set into their minds.

Once you see negative reviews online, try to reply to them promptly and professionally.

Post Personalize Responses

Try to make responses as personalized as possible because personalization adds a human touch. You can use the names of reviewers and also refer to the issue from their feed backs. It will make the responses transparent, unique, and authentic. These customized responses also project the genuineness of your care for your customers.

Acknowledge the Specific Issue and Apologize

First, acknowledge the specific issue of your customer, and next offer a sincere apology. These will enhance the customer experience and showcase humility. Now, take the responsibility to provide the solution to them. Make sure to showcase the genuine willingness to take charge of these shortcomings.

Improve Your Online Reputation

Offer Solutions, Not Just Apologies

Ensure to provide practical solutions to your customers’ concerns or issues. For example, if they are not happy with the result that they pay for, give them a free cleaning service. It may sound expensive, but it will boost your brand’s marketing ROI in the long term.

Provide Thoughtful and Honest Answers

Handling negative reviews is quite tricky but imperative to build reputation for your brand. Hence, it is also crucial to share honest and thoughtful answers that truly justify customers’ pain points.


Encourage Positive Reviews

Ask for positive reviews from happy customers. It will make your brand recognizable to customers and uplift the brand image online. We know, that most customers remain uninterested in leaving reviews or rates on social media or review sites. But, if you engage your loyal and happy customers, you can earn positive reviews for your cleaning services.

According to cleaning company SEO experts,

‘72 % of people say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.’

‘72 % of customers will convert to customers only after reading a positive review.’

[source : Localiq]

Encourage Second Chances

Encourage your dissatisfied customers to give your services a second chance. You can offer them discounts or incentives or talk to them offline. This will not only address your concern but also showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Monitor Social Media and Review Platforms

Stay vigilant on all platforms where you can get reviews. You can set up an alert or take the help of review management software to get notifications on new reviews or brand mentions. So the best review management software is Birdeye, Trustpilot, Podium, and Spot on, etc.

Use positive reviews to balance out negative ones

Learn From Negative Reviews

Treat negative reviews as constructive criticisms. So, try to learn it and then move on. This valuable feedback will help you to add more value to your business and offer high-quality services to customers. In other words, consider negative reviews as an opportunity to make your cleaning services better.

How To Deal with Cleaning Customer Complaints?

Here are some pro tips for you to deal with cleaning customer grievances:

  • Address complaints and respond to your customers thoroughly.
  • Don’t get defensive but be empathetic to the pain points.
  • Give thanks to reviewers for sharing valuable reviews.
  • Don’t be so personal, maintain a professional tone.
  • Provide them with all information thoroughly and share a comprehensive view of the situation.

Reputation Management Strategy

Need a Professional Reputation Management Strategy for Cleaning Business? Talk To Our Professional Now!

Reputation management is crucial for your business. It will boost your business’s credibility and increase the number of satisfied customers.  Especially, if you keep ignoring your negative reviews they can harm your brand image with time.

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