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Twitter and Instagram. Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube need no introduction.  Since their inception, social media has completely changed how companies and customers communicate.


Then, with fads like Snapchat and TikTok, new social media features and platforms keep altering the landscape of how people express themselves and identify with groups.


In 2019, the typical US adult used a mobile device for 3 hours and 43 minutes per day, according to the top CBD digital marketing agencies. Social media is an effective tool in the marketing mix because it allows businesses to target and connect with customers where they already congregate.


This is especially true for the CBD and cannabis industries, as CBD PPC advertisements for these products could be run.


The creation of regular, high-quality content is what keeps social media alive. As a result, there are a few best practices that you should follow to make the most of this marketing avenue and expand your CBD brand.


cbd marketing social media strategy

Use Hashtags and Keywords.

Within online communities, social media platforms can function as their own little universes.


Users can more easily find the information they’re looking for by selecting keywords, just as you would when trying to implement SEO strategies for your CBD website or blog posts, and use them in your social media posts.


This may be done through the plain text caption, hashtags, or even the alt text on images. Even so, it’s crucial to exercise caution and due diligence, especially when using hashtags while online CBD marketing.


Instagram is well known for removing “sensitive” hashtags, such as those containing the word “cannabis.” Make sure the hashtags you intend to use won’t flag you or hide your post from the algorithm by researching them.


Despite the challenges, when used cautiously, these optimization methods can draw in potential customers who are already searching for you or for relevant material.


Posting frequently

One of the main elements of CBD digital marketing is social media. Social media enables viewing audiences of all ages and interests to post content that is relevant to them to other members of the community.


Consequently, in order to avoid getting lost in the bad people on these platforms, users must decide when or how often to post.


For instance, a restaurant will probably post on Instagram one to three times per day, every day, at times when their viewer is most likely to be thinking about their next meal and starting to get hungry.


Similar to this, a CBD brand must assess when its specific customer base is on a given social media platform and how frequently it makes more sense to publish new content.


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Change up your content.

Like anything else, if you don’t invest a significant amount of time and money into producing social content, your CBD brand won’t see the desired return on investment. Thus, the demand for CBD marketing agencies have also skyrocketed.


Even though it may be tempting, using social media to inform and promote your audience by wanting to share only one type of content is not the best strategy.


Use alternative formats rather, like videos, podcasts, transient content (like “stories”), gifs, and boomerangs. Your message will have a bigger impact on the audience if you use a variety of media, giving your company the hype and engagement a CBD brand needs.


cbd company influencer marketing

Utilize influencers.

The majority of advertising techniques could be used for CBD brands because of all the restrictions on marijuana marketing.


Because traditional marketing strategies are no longer an option, CBD internet marketing and the brands implementing the same needs to be extremely inventive to make the most of social media advertising.


Use of influencer marketing is one of the ways to get around all of these limitations. Anybody who has sway over a group of people is an influencer.


Many of these influencers end up working as brand advocates and share their expertise as content creators. By doing this, they are acting as a consumer recommending a brand or product rather than as an employee of or representative of the company.


Cannabis and CBD brands can advertise their products using influencer marketing without having to deal with the confusing web of marketing regulations.


With the cannabis and CBD industries, it can be challenging to stay up to date on social media platform laws, particularly if you want to use paid advertising to accelerate your expansion (and your sales!).


Nevertheless, adopting best practices or hiring the top CBD marketing agencies will help your brand and enable you to succeed on social media by avoiding account constraints and attracting your target audience to your profiles.



Having a niche market that is consistently enthusiastic about CBD-infused products is not that simple. Therefore, the brand’s main focus should be effective social media marketing in order to address this issue. Here’s how you can grow CBD ventures through social media. To learn more, read on!