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Let’s face it: in order to determine which product lines are worthy of reviews or content creation, you need to learn how to conduct keyword search assessment if you plan to run an online vape shop.


We made the decision to start writing this short guide on how to choose keywords for your online vape store.


We discuss how and where to start from scratch and how to conduct keyword research for vape shop SEO to ensure you only are using the best ones. And as such, if you’re prepared, let’s get started.


What Does Keyword Research Entail?

The phrases used to search for a particular subject or object are known as keywords. In this particular instance, it’s the expressions, phrases, or words people use when searching for vape shops or vape products on search engines.


And conducting keyword research is the process of finding these keywords in order to use them in search engine optimization (SEO) so you can incorporate them in your blog posts, product descriptions, and website pages.


By doing this, vape marketing companies make certain that your store will show up in the search results the next time someone uses those terms or phrases to look for a vape shop.


Step 1: Generate a list of potential keywords.

Unbelievably, the very first step in coming up with keywords that people are actually using is coming up with ideas.


Thinking from your customers’ perspective should be your first priority. What are some of the search terms they might use to locate a vape shop offline or online?


You might think of the following subjects:


  • Vaping store Vaping shop
  • Vape Liquids
  • E-juice for vaping
  • Vape Equipment
  • Vaping Vape shop online


Even though they are not yet buzz words (and are so competitive that it is likely impossible to rank for them), they are employed to develop actual key phrases and are taken as a paramount element of vape shop marketing strategies.


Step 2: Use Google Related To & Google Suggest

Utilizing Google Suggest after brainstorming is possibly the simplest method for locating keywords.


When you type your topics into the Google search bar, a list of phrases and words that people are currently using in relation to your subjects will appear below.


Consider the following search term: vape juices. Right presently, if I typed “vape juices” into Google Imply, the very next keywords would appear:


  • E-juice for vaping
  • Nicotine-containing vape juice
  • Salt-nic vape juice
  • Vape juices sans nicotine
  • Flavors of vape juice
  • Best e-juice for vaping


The best part of using Google Suggest is knowing with certainty that these are common words that customers are just using right now. Utilizing your thought up topics and compiling the looking for the highest is all that is required.


Just use the “Search queries Related To” segment found at the bottom of each Google search results page if you are still lacking keywords. For instance, if you type “vape e liquids,” the very next keywords would appear at the bottom of the page:


  • Vape pen for e-liquid
  • E-liquid shop
  • Best online store for vape juice
  • Cheap vape juice Brands of vape juice


As you’ll see, using Google is a wonderful, free tool to find some initial search terms that you are certain will collaborate because they appear to be consciously being used by customers in Google.

keyword research with semrush

Step 3: Utilize SEMrush to Use Competitor Keywords

Finding your competitors and copying the key phrases they are using to rank and attract traffic is yet another excellent method for coming up with search terms you are confident will work. The top vape marketing companies largely rely on this software.


To do this, sign up for a free account at www.SEMrush.com and then enter the website you want to use to find the keywords.


You can assess how much traffic a website receives after entering its domain name; while this estimate won’t be an accurate report, it can be used to determine how effectively a website’s keywords are generating traffic.


You’ll find a section titled “Top Organic Keywords” on the page which provides the domain break – down even before you identify the top competitors who receive more traffic than you do.


The word “More specifics” appears in a small blue box in that segment; clicking it should start taking you to a new section where you can view the top nine organic keywords they are using to achieve high rankings on Google.


Clearly, a paid account on SEMrush is required if you wish to view more outcomes.


Also it’s crucial to keep in mind that after discovering some of the keywords your rivals rank for, you must also check out the key phrases they are choosing to ignore.


This will provide you with the benefit of coming up with beneficial phrases and keywords for generating traffic for your website that they don’t use.


Selecting the Most Effective Keywords

We evaluate a keyword’s usefulness or suitability based on three criteria: complexity, monthly search, and significance.



How challenging it is to rank highly for a particular term is referred to as difficulties involved.


As a result, if your keyword, say, “vape shop,” has many competitors vying for the top spot, just the website with the most power and traffic will likely appear on the Google page whenever anyone searches for the phrase “vape shop.”


This makes it crucial to consider a keyword’s degree of difficulty.


Use an SEO tool like SEMrush that lets you view the troubles in their SEMrush Keyword Overview tool to determine the troubles of a search term.


In the previous example, searching for the difficulties involved in “vape shop” yielded a difficulty rating of 91 out of 100, which is extremely challenging.

vape shop seo guide

This is why you require keywords with a moderate to low degree of difficulty, which frequently have a long tail.


Search Volume

The search volume is simple to comprehend. It all comes down to the number of people who use that particular keyword or phrase in their searches.


You may receive more traffic as the volume rises. Although this varies from industry to industry, you ought to be able to estimate a respectable search volume for either online or physical vape shops once you have thoroughly investigated a large number of your keywords.


On the same page where you discovered the troubles, use SEMrush once more to locate the search terms volume or seek assistance from the best vape marketing companies.


It’s no longer enough to include keywords in your text because Google changed its algorithm and now prioritizes search queries when determining ranking.


Despite the fact that the keywords are really only utilized a few times, your content must still clearly address the subject or offer solutions.


Because of this, in addition to having a high search volume and low complexity, your important word should also produce coherent content that is pertinent to the keyword itself.


To Wind Up!

Although this article is brief, we keep hoping that you have learned how to discover SEO keywords and give it the importance it needs within several other vape shop marketing strategies.


Keep in mind that stuffing your material with keywords isn’t as crucial as you might think (in fact keyword stuffing, as Google puts it, is penalized).


Develop content instead because it speaks to the keywords. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for keywords with low search traffic and low to medium complexity, as these present excellent opportunities to rank in categories you hadn’t considered.



Looking to expand the marketing strategies for your vape and smoke shops? Well, to do that, you must use effective keywords and search phrases. This article will serve as a road map for choosing the right ones in 2022. Read on to learn more!