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What is the best way to promote CBD on Instagram?


Finding ways to promote your CBD brand using Instagram but are not sure about it? Let’s put an end to all this confusion and understand the core concept of CBD marketing on Instagram from the industry expert CBD online marketing company.


Advertise CBD Products on Instagram

Why Choose Instagram For CBD Brand Endorsement?


•    Instagram enhances brand awareness and reach

•    Social media help you build your CBD brand

•    Social Media marketing on Instagram is a cost-effective and trendy marketing strategy.

What Does Instagram CBD Policy Indicate?


According to Meta’s policy on advertising standards, “Ads must not promote the sale or use of illicit or recreational drugs, or other unsafe substances, products or supplements, as determined by Meta in its sole discretion.”


Source:  https://transparency.fb.com/en-gb/policies/ad-standards/dangerous-content/unsafe-supplements/


Is CBD Allowed on Instagram?


The answer to this question isn’t straightforward since there are several layers.  Advertising a CBD brand directly on Instagram is against the Instagram community standard. Meta does not allow the promotion of ‘recreational drugs’ or ‘illicit substances’ or ‘unsafe supplements. That is why, CBD is prohibited on Instagram or any Meta platform as it’s a Cannabis plant-based product.

So you can’t promote CBD products under the CBD brand and mentioning hashtags in the name of CBD is also prohibited. However, you can endorse CBD products without mentioning them as CBD as posting any content that mentions CBD may lead to account suspension on Instagram.

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CBD Marketing Strategy on Instagram


Start with non-paid ad campaigns

The rule does not permit paid ads of CBD products on Instagram. But still, there is a chance to win, you can boost your organic reach on Instagram by posting content tactfully. Post a CBD post without mentioning the word CBD and give hangtags to boost the reach of your post.


•    You can use words like hemp or any related name that destines your products without breaking the rules of the Instagram community.

•    Do keyword research before using hashtags to boost reach.

•    Don’t use any sensitive keywords in hashtags

•    Use general keywords related to safe healthcare products.


Be consistent in posting

Try to post four to five posts in a week. The more you stay active on Instagram chances are high to get a good reach and engagement with a potential audience. Ask them to like and share to get good reach in a specific community. Answer their queries and earn their trust.


•    Share unique and viral content

•    Try to be on trend so that you can use those hashtags to get organic reach

•    Post regularly and address the queries of your audience

•    Follow branding tips for hemp CBD market

Try all forms of content

Do you think posting information-based content is the only way to get reach on Instagram? No, you have to try a different form of content to stay relevant to trends. Post reels, stories, podcasts, videos, and funny memes on your feed. Give them a reason to laugh and to feel refreshed, and in return tag will share and tag your post in their connection.


•    Post that is easily relatable

•    Maintain a content calendar and store the ideas there

•    Keep it well-planned and track which content works well.

•    Take advice from a CBD online marketing company

Share resources

Repost popular content related to health tips, and experts’ tips and can claim that your products provide wellness to health. This can tactics boost your products’ popularity and outreach of your business profile.


Collaborate with influencers

Do you know according to HubSpot revealed that Instagram was the ‘most used Influencer marketing platform in the united states in 2022’?  Social media influencers are emerging as one of the most powerful pillars of social media platforms as they have a high influence on most users of social media users. The same is true for Instagram also. Find an influencer who can boost your reach.


Use influencer marketing to promote CBD Products

How To Choose an Influencer?


•    Check their area of interest

•    Choose a person who shares the same value as the CBD brand.

•    Check their posts, likes, and keywords in hashtags

•    Who are their followers? Are this crowd your target audience also?

•    Research influencers on Google to get suggestions.

•    See viral posts, and reels to identify the influencers.

•    Use tools like Shout, Buzzsumo, Buzzstream, Followerwonk, and Kred to identify influencers to promote your CBD brand.


How Does Instagram Marketing Help In SEO?


If you can share website links on your business profile, you can get higher web traffic with social media marketing. How? After becoming engaged with your Instagram post people try to find more information about your brand and hence click on the shared website link. This is how engaging Instagram marketing tricks improve hemp SEO for your website.


Let’s Wrap Up


You can do Instagram marketing for CBD when you know the loopholes better. You have to be prudent, knowledgeable, and experienced with community guidelines because if you get slipped on the wrong side, Meta will suspend your account. It will be better to earn more insights from a CBD online marketing company before you start. So, without waiting more, avail your free consultation now!


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