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Using 1 hashtag on Instagram can boost engagement by 29%”-Earthweb hashtag statistics 2023.

Hashtags are critical in social media marketing to boost reach, audience interaction, and exposure. Such is true for CBD brands also. As CBD Hashtags promote CBD products organically on social media. 

Here we have compiled some detailed tips on how to get maximum potential customers by using hashtags on CBD online marketing. So, are you ready to skyrocket your CBD brand with a hashtag strategy? Then let’s dive deeper!

What are CBD Hashtags?

Hashtags are some keywords or Metadata that indicate a specific class or category. People use those keywords with the hashtag sign (#) on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others platforms.

CBD business hashtags refer to those hashtags that have the potential to promote CBD without breaching any community guidelines.

cbd hashtag best practices

What are 3 Popular Hashtags?

Branded hashtags

Using industry or niche hashtags with brands refers to branded hashtags. These hashtags promote specific brands using the reach of popular hashtags. Take a look at the social media pages of your competitors to get insights on viral hashtags.

Community hashtags

This class of hashtags allows brands to gain faster reach to the target audience group and community. Check out the pages of a targeted group, pick a trending hashtag, and put those hashtags to enhance interaction with communities.


This can be the best CBD hashtag, if you use it properly.

Campaign hashtags

This category of hashtags is unique and specific to specific campaign goals. By using this hashtag, brands can increase reach and achieve their campaign goals faster. Use the hashtag in your post and encourage your audience to use those hashtags in their posts and also to enter into their tribe.

How To Use CBD Hashtags To Reach Target Audience?

Using hashtags in CBD online marketing needs tactics and greater underrating. As CBD promotion strictly abides by social media community guidelines and local regulations. Start with a branded hashtag and then relate it with target community hashtags.

Pro tips on using hashtags for CBD promotion

  • Use five to eight hashtags to maintain the relevance of your post.
  • Put the # sign following the phrases to grab attention.
  • Use trending and general hashtags as part of CBD marketing social media strategy.
  • Implement community hashtags to get access to a targeted audience.
  • Create branded hashtags to promote your products.


Promote CBD on Instagram with the best strategy.

CBD Hashtags

5 best Practices for Using CBD Hashtags 

according to the latest trends and guidelines.

  • Research and use unique phrases for branded hashtags

Make sure the phrases you use are simple, unique, and relevant to CBD brands and your campaign goals.

  • Don’t mention CBD, hemp, or related phrases

Most of the social platforms don’t allow direct promotion of Cannabis or hemp or any related products. So, it is better to use words tactically that social platforms can’t ban.

  • Track the performance of hashtags

Measure the KPI and engagement rate of the hashtags of each post to get deeper insights.

  • Use relevant hashtags that support your posts

Using irrelevant hashtags leads to marketing efforts in vain. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose keywords that complement the content. As it brings your brand one step closer to the CBD marketing goal.

  • Consult CBD marketing experts

Consider taking advice from an expert CBD digital marketing agency to avoid the hassle of account ban, and suspension due to taking the wrong route on CBD promotion. 


Follow CBD Facebook ads best practices

What Are The Best CBD Hash Tags?

Here are some potential hashtags to generate engagement and boost the reach of CBD posts. Check out this list and use one or two hashtags at once time. Using more than that may lead to account suspension. Take advice from social media optimization experts to get a more accurate view of the social media marketing strategy for CBD.










Key takeaways

Using CBD Hashtags needs logical and innovative approaches. It is needless to say, one has to take thoughtful measures while dealing with hashtags to promote the CBD brand online. 

On this note, we would like to conclude our conversation. In case, you need more insights into the logic of CBD digital marketing tactics, tricks, and methods; reach out to us. We must insist you take part in our free consultation session to get more clarity!