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Are you looking for ways to drive local leads for your cleaning services through Facebook? You are on the right track in marketing. Facebook has become one of the third most visited websites after Google and YouTube.  However, most cleaning companies make blunders that hamper the ROIs of Facebook ads. As they lack a clear understanding of Facebook advertisement campaigns.

In this article, we will give you some crucial insights on Facebook ads for cleaning business. We will talk about its basics and best hacks to attract targeted leads through the Facebook marketing campaign.

So, let’s start then!

Facebook Ads for Cleaning Business: Ideas and Guide

Cleaning services promotion is crucial if you are running your cleaning business in a city or popular town. There are other options available in that demography besides you. In cities, you operate around your competitors. So, the more you let people talk about your brands, the more they will be engaged with your brand.

Here the importance of Facebook advertisement lies. So, let’s check the ROIs of Facebook advertising campaigns for your cleaning brands.

Facebook Ads

Benefits of Facebook Ad Campaign for Commercial Cleaners

ROIs of Facebook Ads

Offer Brand Exposure

Facebook showcases 2.96 billion active users each month. That means it allows for gaining brand exposure. Therefore, you will be able to reach a large audience with cleaning business ads with Facebook ads.

Quick Results From Micro Targeting

Facebook allows users to design a customized ad campaign focused on micro-targets. It helps business to target the right people faster.

Hence, you can easily promote your cleaning service to the right target group. You can easily create ads targeting audiences by age, income, and demographic. It will help you to boost leads and brand awareness from the target demography faster.

Cost Effective Advertising

Facebook ads are highly cost-effective compared to traditional advertising methods. That is why most small businesses and local service providers prefer Facebook ads.

Hence, you can trust Facebook ads for cleaning business without any doubts. Just set your budget, choose a pricing model between CPC and CPM, and promote your brand with Facebook. Here you can prudently control and allocate your ad spending.

Geographic Targeting

Cleaning business owners like you always target local customers. That means precise reach is your focus. Here Facebook’s geo-targeting option creates convenience for cleaners. It can ensure that your ad is findable and visible only to the customers in your target locations. It creates efficient use of ad spend and reduces waste in ad spend money.

Offer Customer Insight

Facebook Ad Manager is an all-in-one analytical tool to plan and manage business ads on Facebook. But, most users ignore one of its core uses. Do you know what is it? It gives customer data and in-depth insight into your target markets and customers.

We all know that brands with customer insight earn a competitive edge over competitors. It also takes them one step ahead of competitors.

Facebook Ads Manager

How To Start Advertising Your cleaning business using Facebook Ads?

Here is a step-by-step guide for cleaning advertisements with Facebook. Check all the steps get ideas and kick-start your advertising campaign to promote your cleaning brand!

Create Your Customized Budget Plan

Facebook offers cost-effective lead ads, so you can afford Facebook ads easily. So, make your budget based on your requirements and invest money as per your ad goal. However, if you listen to our suggestion; between $ 20 to $ 28 can be a good starter benchmark.

Set Your Facebook Ad Campaign Goal

Setting a goal is crucial before starting with Facebook ads for cleaning business. It will act as a road map of campaign planning and employ all resources towards a common goal.

So, make you know what you want to achieve with Facebook ads. Otherwise, you will end up nowhere with speeding so much.

Prepare You Asset For Ad Campaign

Keep all your assets ready to start with a Facebook ad campaign. If you are about to launch your new business, keep business information ready. On the other hand, if you run an established business keep testimonials, product photos, and relevant videos ready.

Example of Ad Assets-

  • Creating your brand Logo, typography, product photo, and videos.
  • Defining your campaign objective and keep your ad copy ready.
  • Preparing a well-organized Facebook page ready for your cleaning business.
  • Choosing your ad format and prepare ad copies in that format.


Online Presence Needs Before Starting You Book Ads

For seamless running your cleaning service ads with Facebook, you need to take care of these digital requirements. Here is a quick checklist for you:

Create an Appalling Landing Page

A landing page is a page or destination where your customers will arrive right after clicking the CTA. That means it will create a first impression among the audience. So, make sure the cleaning website includes clickable CTAs; showcases brand USP, and engaging design.

Pro Tips

  • For landing page design keep three things in mind; UX design, sales proposition, and offering up-to-date information.
  • Make landing page designs aligned with your ad copy to keep your trust.

Take Care Of The Website Landing Page

Landing page speed is a crucial part of UX design. So, you have to take care of landing page speed, otherwise, you can lose some leads. keep one thing in mind, 47 % of users don’t wait more than 2 seconds.

Organize Your Facebook Profiles Structure

Make sure the Facebook page of your cleaning business is well-optimized. It includes business posts, images, and detailed information in the contact information and about information.

A solid presence on Facebook will help your cleaning services to earn credibility. It also boosts reputation and elevates the effectiveness of Facebook ads.

Facebook Business Manager

How To Create Facebook Ad Campaign?

Set Up an Account On Facebook Business Manager

First set up an account with the Facebook business manager. It will help you to manage business pages and accounts effectively. All you have to do, just create an account on this link https://business.facebook.com/

Take the help Of Facebook Ad Manager

Take the help of the Facebook ad manager tool. This amazing tool will help you to access relevant data manage multiple ads from the Facebook Ads Dashboard. It offers services like creating ad campaigns, managing ad budgets, placement, audience, and tracking ad performance.

Facebook Ads Format

Pick Your Ad Format

Once you know your target customers for your cleaning brand, start identifying the right ad format. Here on Facebook, various types of ad formats are available. It includes images, videos, a carousel, an Instant experience, and a collection.

Here are some cleaning service advertising ideas for you:

  • Use images: Share your product image or photos from teamwork operation
  • Consider videos: Share cleaning videos or techniques or showcase the specialty of your services.
  • Carousel posts: Showcase case studies, storytelling or explain the cleaning process or any hacks through carousel posts.
  • Utilize Instant experience or collection formats: Try attention-grabbing instant experience ad or collection ad format for your mobile customers to convert leads into sales.

Consider using Facebook Pixel

Pixel is a critical part of a successful Facebook ad campaign strategy. It will also contribute to the success of Facebook ads for cleaning businesse. Facebook Pixel is an ‘analytical tool from Facebook. It is like a piece of code that lets you measure, optimize, and build an audience for your ad campaign’ [Source: Facebook Pixel

How To Set up Pixel?

Install the Facebook pixel, place all base code on all your pages, and set up pixel events.

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How to Use SEO to Grow Your Cleaning Business?

We Can Set Up Lead Facebook Ad Campaign For Commercial Cleaners

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