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Operating a cleaning business successfully needs a steady stream of leads. In most cases, acquiring new clients from the target market and keeping optimized client retention becomes challenging. It is a sign of a profitable business when you attain a decent number of clients and secure a good customer retention rate.


So, how can you get more business for cleaning services? It depends on a powerful strategy that combines both online and offline marketing. It includes cleaning service company SEO, social media marketing, distributing flyers, influencer marketing, etc.


In this article, we will navigate through some simple and helpful cleaning business marketing tips. So that you can get leads for


– Commercial cleaning services

– Residential cleaning services

– Carpet cleaning services

– Pressure washing services

– Window cleaning services

– Residential cleaning services

– Sanitizing services

– Jet washing services

– Laundry services

– Green cleaning services

– Health care and hospital cleaning services

– Duct cleaning services

– Office/workplace cleaning services

– Industrial cleaning services and more!


Let’s start then!


cleaning service Lead Magnet


Acquire New Leads For Cleaning Services in Simple Ways


What Are Commercial Cleaning Leads?


Commercial cleaning leads refer to prospective customers who have an interest in taking commercial cleaning services. They are like opportunities for cleaning companies to expand their business, boost conversion, and earn more revenue.

For example, let’s assume you run office cleaning services. Who can be your prospect or lead? The owners or managers of commercial workplace or commercial facilities or anyone who shows interest in your services.


How To Identify The Leads for Cleaning Services?


Your prospect leads must have the following traits such as:


– They have a direct or indirect interest in cleaning services

– Interest groups belong to your target demographics

– Your services match their needs

– Interest group belongs to your local network group


How To Combine Old and Traditional Marketing to Get Commercial Cleaning Leads?


You can drive cleaning leads from your target markets easily with the best digital marketing and traditional marketing practices. Both strategies give access to some easy and breezy techniques. They drive commercial cleaning leads easily in cost-effective ways. However, if you don’t want to spend much amount on marketing, choose online marketing practices.


Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing provides more


– Brand exposure

– Brand visibility

– Precise market data

– Control on ad spending

– Leads

– Competitive edge


6 steps to generate cleaning leads


What are The Best ways For Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation?


Here are some best ways of growing a cleaning business by generating targeted leads.


Strengthen Brand’s SEO Rank (General + Local)


Having the rank on the first page of search engines like Google, and Bing has become important for local service providers or small businesses. Cleaning service company SEO will create brand advocacy in the local market and elevate credibility among target customers.


Pro Tips


– Build a cleaning company website and take care of its UX and SEO features.

– Publish SEO-optimized local content for its services web pages.

– Create an online presence on local directories like Yelp, Facebook, Thumbtack, and Home Adviser.

– Set up or claim your Google business profile.

– Conduct Google map marketing.

– Publish user-friendly and relevant content on social media platforms.


Use blogging as a method to generate leads


Develop Lead Magnet To Drive Leads


Lead magnet will collect information from your website and social media profile visitors. This process will collect all crucial lead details from prospects in exchange for some value. This information primarily includes email addresses, phone numbers, social media profile IDs, Whatsapp numbers, etc. Here are some lead magnet creation ideas to acquire more cleaning services leads:


– Offer stain removal guide in exchange for email IDs or contact details sign-ups or newsletter-free subscriptions.

– Share green cleaning guides and DIY recipes for organic cleaners

– Offer downloadable cleaning checklists

– Offer one free cleaning service

– Provide a virtual home assessment tool that will assess cleaning needs in exchange for signups or email IDs.


Post Blogs on Website and Guest Posting Sites


Blogs have become mandatory to increase the relevant of your company’s web presence for target searches. With blogs, you can incorporate keywords strategically in your website.

You can post blogs on both websites and social media platforms. This will establish your expertise to prospect customers and intrigue their interest.


Pro Tips

– Write blogs on common queries of potential customers

– Address customer pain points and cleaning services can ease these pain

– Keep blog topic highly relevant to your target keywords

– Educate users with cleaning hacks and explain the science behind dealing with stains.


Run Geo-Targeted PPC Ads To Capture High-Quality Leads


Google ads, Facebook ads, or sponsored ads on Instagram are a way that you can use to drive targeted leads. These online ads appear to users who are actively searching for those services online.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you run a commercial cleaning company in London. To promote your services, you are running Google ads to get customers in London cities. Suppose your targeted keywords are ‘commercial cleaning services in London’ or ‘professional cleaning services for commercial premises in London’.

Whenever your target customers in London search these phrases or related phrases in Google, they will find your website on the top of the result page.


7 Hacks to Generate Leads For Your cleaning business


How To Generate Free Cleaning Leads for Your Cleaning Services?


Free leads are very lucrative for all brands. Hence, capturing free commercial cleaning leads is not easy. Here are some pro tips to generate free leads for your commercial cleaning services:


– Improve your visibility on online directories of the local market.

– Manage online reviews, and ratings to boost reputation.

– Create valuable and sharable content like blogs, infographics, videos, checklists, guidebooks, etc.

– Referral marketing and networking from industry friends and happy customers.

– Conduct social media marketing to promote content and website links free of cost to a targeted audience


How To Use Visuals To Capture Leads For Cleaning Services?


People love visuals because they learn from their eyes. That is why, you have to use engaging visuals to grab attention and boost leads. Post your team picture and behind-the-scenes on both social media profiles and website. Google Post is another engaging way to demonstrate your work method through visuals.


What Are Some Of The Best Lead Generating Tools For Cleaning Services?


– Use Hubspot for SEO

– MailChimp For Email marketing

– HootSuit For Lead Management

– Zapier for Lead generation