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Your duct cleaning business must get new customers to stay profitable. Although, it is difficult to attract new customers by word of mouth or by using local networks alone.


Nowadays, people find services in their local areas online. They research Google, track locations on Google Maps, and trust only top-ranked services.


That means, your duct cleaning company needs to be visible on the local search results on Google. Here the local SEO for duct cleaning company comes in.


Let’s delve into further details on how it helps duct cleaning services to flourish in the local market!

Importance and Steps of Local SEO for Duct Cleaning Company


What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO or local search engine optimization is an online marketing technique. It builds a local presence for brands so that local people can find them using relevant local search terms for those brands.

Let’s take an example of a duct cleaning company in London. People in London will find the duct cleaning company on Google if the cleaning company optimizes its presence for local searches.


Local SEO Benefits for Air Duct Cleaning Companies

Why Should Air Duct Cleaning Services Invest In Local SEO?


Ranking on Google Matters

The rank on Google’s local search result page matters a lot. The study found, that 87 % of customers evaluated local businesses on Google.


Free Traffic and ad-free Conversions

SEO is still one of the best sources of inbound free traffic for websites. the study found SEO leads have a 14.6 % close rate and the average website conversion rate across the globe is 3.68 %.


Competitive Advantages

Good rank on local search results pages enhances the discoverability of businesses. It makes businesses outperform their competitors and capture more leads from the market. In other words, local SEO for cleaning company brings faster results by attracting prospective customers from targeted locations.


What Are The Best Practices Of Local SEO For Duct Cleaning?


Identify The Most Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the pillars of SEO. To begin your local SEO campaign, make sure you have the keyword list at hand. You can use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Uber Suggest. This will help you to understand the competitive aspect of search terms and phrases.



– Organize your keywords under two broad categories such as research intent and buying intent.

– Find the balance between long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords.

– Make sure you address the relevant terms based on phrases queries or pain points in your keywords.

Some of the examples of keywords for a local SEO for duct cleaning company are:


Local keywords

Best Duct Cleaning services in London


Informational keywords

Benefits of professional duct cleaning


Question keywords

What are the signs of molds in ducts in London homes?


Transactional Keywords

Book Professional Duct cleaning in London


Google my business


Optimize Google My Business

Google My business profile has become very important for local brands. It makes your air duct cleaning services visible on Google Maps and enhances rank in local searches faster.

So, place keywords strategically in all Google business profile and fill up all details in the following way:


Verify and Claim

Claim your Google business profile and verify your Google business profile verified.


Create Consistent NAP

Create consistent NAP by providing the correct business information. Make sure all information is aligned with the available data across the web.


Fill Up Attributes

Choose the categories and subcategories correctly on Google’s business profile.


Share Core Service Details

Provide an in-depth description of your services, and companies and add relevant CTAs. Make sure to incorporate phrases strategically.


Update Official Hours

Share all relevant information regarding your business hours and make sure it is consistent with all listings.


Images and videos

Post images and videos of your team, workplace, or Behind the scenes of work processes. They will engage your customers and humanize your duct cleaning company.


Website Optimization

Website is another crucial asset of local SEO campaigns for local services. It boosts organic rank in local search as well as in the local search. To optimize your website, you have to place the keywords from your list strategically on all web pages.

Here is a simple strategy to optimize a cleaning service website.


Home page

Optimize all on-page elements like content, meta, tags, URLs, and title tags with relevant keywords. Here you can place the keywords that share buying intent or transactional keywords.

Provide contact details, a small brief on your company, and specialty in the website content available here. Make sure the website heading, meta, and URL reflect your website’s relevance to duct cleaning search intent.

Give details of your core services and specialties in duct cleaning services. As a result, it can be turned into a resource for customers with both research and buying intent.


Service page or location page

Build a separate location page or service page for all your targeted locations. Add location keywords in their URL, headings, titles, and page content. Mention area-specific core services on each page.


Blog and FAQ Sections

Keep separate sections for blogs and FAQs to incorporate research intent keywords in your web presence. This section not only will improve your website’s SEO rank but also will generate interest among prospective customers.

Pro Tips

– Incorporate targeted information and question-based keywords in blogs and FAQs.

– Address customer pain points and common queries in blogs and FAQs

– Promote core services and their relevance to eliminate problems of your prospective clients.




Build Local Citations

Build local citations on platforms like Yellow Page, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Make sure to list your cleaning services on online directories of local businesses. It will boost your duct cleaning business visibility, enhance credibility, and make your services accessible to local people. In other words, it will meet the goal of local SEO for duct cleaning companies.


Ask For Reviews

Collect reviews and ratings from your target customers. Because interest users Google reviews like a personal recommendation. It also boosts rank on Google searches.


Pro Tips

Email feedback from customers.

Send Google review links to customers.


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Local Search engine optimization is a process that needs continuous control with the right strategy. The core strategy of local SEO for duct cleaning companies revolves around keyword research, optimization, local citations, and reputation management.

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