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Does your cleaning website not attract the right audience? Do you find the target market is highly competitive? Fear not! The right SEO tactics can make your cleaning website appear at the top of search results. It can eventually generate leads from the targeted market.



To start rightly with cleaning company SEO, you have to focus on the right strategies. What are the right SEO strategies? We will reveal those details in this blog post.



So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!


What Are The Best SEO Practices For Cleaning Companies?


Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most relevant cleaning service company SEO techniques. If you run a cleaning business, you may need more local customers to keep your business afloat. Local search engine optimization is a targeted SEO technique. Local SEO for cleaning business will outshine your cleaning companies in a highly competitive market. This type of cleaning company SEO will bring results faster than general SEO techniques.


Local SEO


Best Methods of Local SEO for Cleaning Businesses


– Create location-based cleaning service pages on your cleaning website. Make sure each service page targets local keywords correctly.

– Create optimized GMB profiles and verify the profiles.


– Strategically incorporate local keywords in website content, service page titles, and page URL headings.


– Create NAP consistency by registering your business on platforms like Yelp, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Home Advisors, etc.


– Promote local content across all service pages and social media platforms by satisfying the queries of the local audience.


– Turn your website and on-pages mobile responsive to drive local traffic.


On Page SEO


On-page SEO directly impacts the website rank on SERP. It is very crucial to boost the online visibility of cleaning company SEO. On-page SEO makes the website relevant to the search. Therefore, your website will appear on SERPs among the top search results.


Onpage SEO


Best On Page SEO Techniques For Cleaning Company


– Find out the right keywords that focus more on what you do or what you offer. But make sure the keywords describe exactly your service’s nature. You can consider the long tail keywords such as :


  • Office cleaning services
  • Janitorial services
  • Move-in or Move out cleaning services
  • Pressure washing services etc.


– Make your website user-friendly with intuitive navigation and easily accessible details about your contacts, services, pricing, appointment schedules, etc.


– Optimize the heading, meta tags, titles, and URLs with targeted keywords.


– Improve website structure, incorporate deep links, and use compelling CTAs to guide users toward desired actions.


Optimize image files and incorporate keywords in their file names and alt texts.


– Create high-quality content for your audience that adds value to users. You can write blogs, tips, checklists, FAQs, or post videos to boost user engagement.


– People love structured data. So, build structured content with schema mark up that highlights answers from the piece of your website content. These answers will provide solutions to the most common queries on cleaning services.

Off Page SEO


Off-page SEO tactics are like secret SEO tips to rank your cleaning company higher. Off-page SEO is a process to enhance website relevance, and authoritativeness by third-party sources. It will establish a trust signal, and boost SEO rank and website traffic of your cleaning company.

Best off Page SEO Techniques For Cleaning Company

Local business partnership

Collaborate with local businesses for cross-promotion and link-building.


Guest blogging

Write informative blog posts and share infographics on guest blogging sites that showcase your cleaning expertise.


Off page SEO


Social media engagement

Share content on social media to enhance brand reach, enhance brand awareness, and drive users to websites.


– Technical SEO

We know technical SEO may seem very irrelevant in cleaning company SEO strategy. But believe us it is equally important as general SEO techniques. Technical SEO is a powerful user experience for your cleaning website.


Technical SEO


So, improve website loading time, mobile responsiveness website security, and overall online experience of your cleaning brand.



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Cleaning company SEO is not a difficult process if you set a clear goal and focus on the right thing. The best types of cleaning company SEO are:


– Local SEO

– On page SEO

– Off-page

– Technical SEO

– Niche-specific content marketing.


Need help with all of the above strategies? Reach out to our team for SEO services for commercial cleaning companies today! Feel free to share your problem with us!