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Want to build a meaningful website to boost the sales of your CBD online store? Then we have some helpful information for you. As a specialist and reliable CBD online marketing company, we suggest our client stick to a simple, relevant, and SEO-friendly web design. For your case, we would suggest the same.

While building a website, devote ample time to planning website design; as 48% of users trust a brand based on the web design. So, website design is the main sales driver of online stores. Let’s know more on the website design of CBD e-stores.

What is CBD Website Design?

CBD website design is a process that includes several stages like conceptualizing, planning, and bringing out a visual of a website’s appearance. This whole process revolves around user experience on the website’s function, outlook, accessibility, relevance, branding, and overall capability to represent a brand.

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What Are The Elements of a CBD Web Design?

• Website Layout
• Font and color
• Graphical elements
• Accessibility and navigation
• Engagement in the overall design
• Content
• Quality of website technology and web applications

Why Should You Focus on CBD Web Designs?

Website design builds 94% of first impression

Digital presence boosts brand awareness by uplifting the brand impression. Here, website design plays a critical role because people judge a brand on its visual outlook and accessibility of a website. That is why, CBD e-website design matters.

42 % of customers bounce back from a poor-functioning website

Good website design makes website design seamless and user-friendly. But poor website design compels a CBD brand to lose on leads. As, slow loading, bad navigation, and poor functionality impact its user experience, boost bounce rate and hence affect sales volume.

57 % of potential customers do not prefer or recommend a website with a bad design

Word-of-mouth marketing of a website can boost web traffic and hence leads. But with a poor website design, you can’t get recommendations for CBD brand’s e-store. Not getting enough references can hamper the growth process of the CBD brand. Make sure to get a website that looks good and functions in a user-friendly way.

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38% of websites do not engage users due to poor visual design

A CBD website that lacks engaging features in website design can lose the game easily of attracting maximum website traffic. A website that has attractive, eye-pleasing, and mobile-responsive features can make your CBD brand win to attract traffic and channel the leads to conversion.

Top CBD Website Features That You Should Include Now In Your CBD Web Design

1.Mobile-friendly and Responsive Website

50 % of your potential global customers access the internet through smartphones and mobiles. That means mobile responsiveness does matter for them as they will visit your CBD website through mobile internet. If you want to boost your CBD sales, you should not ignore this customer base. Think from buyers’ perspectives while creating UX. As UX is a soul of a website design, the more your website obtains good UX, the better it will get attention from search engines and users.
• Design a streamlined checkout process
• Add wish list features
• Add trendy features that your competitors use

2. Build with user-friendly designs

The core factors of website design include functionality, navigation, easy access, , loading speed, and SEO friendliness. As these configurations improve the over UX and make the website user-friendly. Keep the focus on all these CBD website features while planning website design.

3. Don’t miss the core features of visual design

Attractive color, eye-catching graphical design, logo, layout, and pictures; all these are important factors in the visual design of a CBD e-store website. These visual elements trigger consumers’ psychology and make them engage with your CBD brand.

Pro tips regarding website visual element

• Use relevant and bright product pictures and videos
• Use eye-soothing colors and avoid hard-to-read font
• Add animated graphics that improve user experience
• Consult a CBD Online Marketing Company

4. Take care of content

Content marketing has become a core strategy for CBD brands. Website content is a core element of a website design. So, use relevant, user-focused, and diversified forms of content. Through CBD content marketing, you can raise brand awareness and gain a competitive edge in all stages of the funnel marketing

Pro tips for website content

 Produce diverse forms of content
 Publish
 CBD product reviews and FAQs
 Create SEO-optimized website content by implementing the right keywords
 Use infographic-based guides
 Publish user-generated query-based content
 Publish tutorial guide and ‘how to guide
 Publish comparison-based content

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Summary at a Glance
UX, visual design, and CBD content are the crux to create CBD website successfully. Make sure to include all features on your CBD website to earn a competitive advantage in the CBD market.


Website is one of the crucial marketing channels for CBD brands. Building a website is not enough for your CBD brand, taking care of its features is essential to keep your brand a step ached from competitors. If at any stage you feel confused, feel free to contact a reliable CBD online marketing company. To know more consult in the free session today!

CBD Website Design FAQS

User experience, User interface, content, responsiveness, loading speed, and performance are core factors that need attention to improve CBD website design.